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If you are a Bank employee that supports Sunday shopping you may want to reconsider it. In the United States a Bank employee in New Jersey USA was fired for not working on Sunday. Banks recently started opening in the state of New Jersey and it's a matter of time it spreads to other US States. After that we all know what happens it will spread into Canada. So now bank employees in that state are losing there family day. If we all treasure family day on Sunday we need to look at this in a whole new perspective . If retail stores are allowed to open then Sunday will become the same as any other day of the week, Pressure will mount to open Banks, Government offices and heck even our dentist offices to name a few. 

Women Reportedly Was Fired For Her Stand Against Sunday Hours
August 1, 2004 full details here !

This should serve as a wake up call here , you may think Sunday shopping will be convenient but in the long run will it be convenient if you have to give up your'e Sundays? As a work force we all need to support one another. There has also been a push to open up government offices on Sunday in Ontario, Nothing will be safe if Sunday shopping is allowed. It will effect everyone.