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Feeling Special

Something that was passed on to us that we would like to share with everyone. When Sunday Shopping was held as a trial run in our province one Hardware store choose to keep its doors shut!

Imagine that everythings open and this store shut down!

Needless to say they had the same sales in 6 days as if they would have if they were open 7 days.

The major point here is how the employees reacted they were and still are a friendly staff. Getting help no problem for that and with a friendly smile we might add.

Having a company do this for you and still making the same amount of profit thats something to be happy about. Having the day home they felt is so important. Friends thats how one can feel very special and put out that much more at the work place. A happy employee can help increase store sales as to ones that are not!

Isn't it time that this happens to everyone?

Thanks to all for reading this article we are so pleased to share it with each and everyone of you!

Save Our Sundays Group

Mailing List

Our group is considering on starting up a mailing list for the computer!

Tired of having no voice? Here's a start! If you would like to see a mailing list set up for retail workers please drop us a email and let us know your thoughts.

This would be a great way for all of us to communicate and share thoughts and how to handle our discrimination that could be brought on us and one's that are can share there thoughts with us!

Save Our Sundays Group

Sunday Shopping in Germany

Last week in Halifax Nova Scotia the local radio station was having a talk show about Sunday Shopping. By the way mostly a negative response to shop on Sunday.

How ever this really caught our eyes. A caller called in he used to live in Germany. Over in Germany stores close 12 noon on Saturday and are closed all day Sunday. Imagine That!! He then went on to point out that it was real noticeable to see families spending time together walking etc. A crime here in Canada !

He says" No need to shop on Sunday" We all survived over here so there is no reason why we can not do it here! Special when a country thinks that highly of it's workers.

Why oh Why does our country discriminate against you because you work in a store?? Lets hope Nova Scotia sets a good example for the rest of Canada and keeps Sunday our day of rest.

Wouldn't it be nice if we were all equal?? It's Time that we change things for a better tomorrow and lead the way for better family life.

Say No to Sunday Shopping


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