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                           New Brunswick News as of July 20,2004-

 What a waste of time Sunday shopping has proven to be in New Brunswick, Vendors in that province are finding out that it's no more money by opening another day full details here -  CBC New Brunswick 


                 Common sense does it prevail? 


   Sunday Shopping in New Brunswick continues despite those that oppose it. The provincial government ,instead of deciding on the issue passed the buck down the line to the municipally . RetailPurchase your Say No To Sunday shopping pin today! workers that used to enjoy time home with their families are now suffering. Mom and Dad can not enjoy their time home with their kids as they are spending it working. How unfair and unjust is this? So many people enjoy there week-ends home like for instance the municipal government and provincial government. Are they working on Sunday? NO NO, they are not. Why is retail treated different? In our opinion Premier Bernard Lord sold out retail workers by passing the buck down to the municipality .

Things are going down hill big time in New Brunswick ,but there are groups out there fighting for retail workers. One such group ,called the Canada Family Action Coalition . Now it's bad enough that Sunday's are taken away from them but now they are after all holidays as well. Imagine Christmas Day and Remembrance Day. Have we become that GREEDY  .

Retail workers in Fredericton New Brunswick as well as the Canada Family Action Coalition been lobbying council to protect holidays, and reduce Sunday shopping hours. Fredericton passes bylaw to protect holidays and reduces Sunday shopping hours from noon to 5pm. Though it is nothing to celebrate , it could have been worse. We feel that there is a big need for groups like family coalition in New Brunswick to speak up and fight for the rights of retail workers. In Germany for instance the unions have spoken out against Sunday shopping at Christmas time. However here in Canada ,to our knowledge correct us if we are wrong the unions here have not spoke out against Sunday shopping. Workers need to voice there concerns to unions like the UFCW . What about the churches they also remain silent on the issue. Since the family is one of the most important things in our society why are we putting family at the bottom ,instead of placing it first on our list. Stores are open six days and six nights it's time to put our families first. This is not happening in New Brunswick and we would like to see this changed.           

Some may argue ,well we already have Sunday shopping. Nothing is stopping us from fighting to have the current laws changed. Your kids play ice hockey and loses the last 10 games, as a parent would you look at those kids and tell them not to play any more because you are going to lose. No ,of course you wouldn't. You would encourage them to play to the best of there ability to win the next time they play. It's no different with Sunday shopping. Family is real important is worth fighting for. Workers need this day to unwind and spend time with there kids before the next week comes about. Over in Slovenia they used to have Sunday shopping. The people of Slovenia voted to do away with Sunday shopping in a Referendum  .  This can happen in New Brunswick, the issue of Sunday shopping should be a provincial matter not a municipal matter, groups need to start pressuring the provincial government. While government employees are off on week-ends . Retail workers are working as slaves to serve them. Truly hasn't this crossed the line?  

The argument that business's should have the freedom to decide whether they open or not is double speaking. Workers rights are being violated , being forced to work Sundays while there owners are home on Sunday. Clearly laws were in place for a reason and it was to provide protection for all workers in the retail trade. Managers of these stores have families as well , which is not mentioned when working on Sunday is involved. Has anyone ever asked them how they feel about working on Sundays?  As a human race we need to realize there are more important things out there than money. IT'S YOUR FAMILY.  

 Saint John New Brunswick approves Sunday shopping all year around

Some sad , that Saint John had to follow suit to allow Sunday shopping all year around. So what other municipalities have it? Sounds like the guy that jumped over a bridge because his other 50 friends did. We have said this several times that this issue should be a provincial matter. Playing one municipality against another is wrong. If you want change you must fight this and be persistent. Email and petition the New Brunswick government for changes.

   Opposed to Sunday shopping?

Have you said you are opposed to Sunday shopping and go out and shop Sundays? Shopping on Sunday only hurts those who do not want to be there on Sundays. Shopping does not help get rid of it, but supports stores being open. We should be more considerate about other people. Some people may argue they want choice to shop Sundays, are you going to use that same argument with your dentist, school teacher, government offices , municipal offices ,banks? The media has been promoting Sunday shopping for years, poll after poll. Asking you if you want to shop on Sundays. Have you ever seen a poll asking you whether you want government offices open on Sunday? Big business has spent millions to convince you and I that we need another day to shop. Realistically if you were to look in these stores they are dead most of the time. Proving that we do not need another day to shop.








                                       Old New Brunswick News from our old site 


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Could New Brunswick be having second thoughts on Sunday Shopping?


Something totally wrong our province considering Sunday Shopping and its proof there is no extra money in opening up on Sundays. It's spreading 6 days into 7. So look at New Brunswick they not only made less money but ruined family life in the process.

Come on New Brunswick shut your stores down there is more to life than shopping 7 days a week. Our province the provincial Tories are giving a sob story that Amherst is losing money because of Sunday Shopping how can that be when New Brunswick is making no more money than what they did before? Politicians do not seem to care they actually want Sunday Shopping we wonder if they were forced to work how would they feel??

We need to set a example for the rest of Canada and the world money the old mighty dollar is not everything . Family is important and so is quite time. If government is so concerned with making money they should not "give " millions of dollars away to large companies with our health care suffering the way that it is. Also our Politicians are getting paid too much they seem willing to do nothing for us it is always money that we do not see.

So please support us where ever you are ! We encourage you to write your provincial governments and Say No To Sunday Shopping.

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In the fall of 1991, Sunday Shopping began as a pilot project in New Brunswick. Stores were permitted to open from the first Sunday in August to the second Sunday in January. In the beginning, retail sales were generally expected to increase. However, it was found that Sunday Shopping simply redistributed the regular sales volume for a six day period over seven days. In other words, Sunday Shopping did not increase retail sales. Also, at first, it was anticipated that Sunday Shopping would increase employment. However, there is no statistical data to indicate the creation of additional employment. Consumers tend to enjoy Sunday Shopping while retailers tend to be opposed. The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce recognizes the varying views held by our business community. We offer the following recommendations: ~The Sunday Shopping period be legislated from the first Sunday after Thanksgiving to the second Sunday in January to accommodate the Christmas Season. ~The Province be encouraged to prepare a comprehensive study to determine the feasibility of continuing Sunday Shopping in New Brunswick,


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