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Sunday Shopping Millbrook Reserve

If things were not getting bad enough our nightmares are just beginning for the retail workers of our province. First it was the so called polls of Sunday Shopping ,secondly the threat of the municipalities taking control over whether stores open or not! And now yes it's the native Indians getting into the act.

Considering the majority of the province does not want Sunday Shopping we feel that the law is for everyone and why the Indians think they are above provincial laws is beyond our comprehension. Since when they had their treaties, has there been retail stores on Indian reservations? Yeah you got it "NEVER" . If the Indians chose to open stores on the reserve, it's governments responsibility to look after all Nova Scotia's, by us all following the same rules. It's time that retail workers voice there concerns to Premier John Hamm, and all political parties of this province, if we say nothing you got it ,Sunday Shopping will be here! Make a difference ,"YES" we can! Already we have made a difference ,the premier is stalling on this issue, if it were a clear majority we would have had it by now!

Lets talk about the media

One also must sit down and really think about this issue at hand . When you see Sunday Shopping mentioned by the major networks CBC, ATV, MITV .. do you see them interviewing the retail worker? Never right! Wonder why? Just before Christmas dec 1999 on one of the major TV networks this very issue came up the station was interviewing two customers in Prince Edward Island how much they like Sunday Shopping ! 

People seem to think it's convenient to be able to shop six weeks prior to Christmas, however wouldn't it be smart to start shopping in September? This way it's less STRESSFUL during the Christmas rush, and retail staff get to enjoy their Sundays home with there families.

One retail worker in PEI ,did not have a chance to voice their opinion! WHY?? If retail workers were to pay for commercials we would be on equal footing with the big box stores. We are not even given a fair playing field by the media. As a matter of fact ,we know our site has been passed on to the major TV stations ,yeah you guessed it nothing mentioned on TV!! We are discriminated by the media also anyone with any brains can figure that one out.

 (Note) MITV did air our site ,since this article was done. Several new papers have also published our web site, so we are making some progress. This page is an old page for the Save Our Sundays web site