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Prince Edward Island Sunday Shopping




    In Western Australia, a Referendum on Sunday shopping was also held with a No Vote . Not only did they vote NO to Sunday shopping ,but also voted" No" to week night shopping ...full details here

     On October 16th Nova Scotia went to the polls to decide whether they wanted Sunday shopping or not.  For more information on the vote - Voters keep stores closed on Sundays . Now the debate is fueling up in Prince Edward Island, An Islander calls for Sunday shopping plebiscite . What was wrong with the plebiscite in Nova Scotia , is that it only pertained to retail. Why not include this in the question- Would you like schools, government & municipal offices, banks, retail stores open on Sunday ? Yes  __ or  No    . Instead the retail sector was singled out. Lets not let this happen in Prince Edward Island if a plebiscite happens to come about.  We are looking for anyone opposed to Sunday shopping in Prince Edward Island to help out.  Join our mailing list today, to keep up with the latest news. You can also voice you're concerns and ideas.



  Tighten Sunday shopping laws: retailer

It would be great to see all retail stores closed on Sunday then there would be a level playing field,and it should be worded right so that all stores understand the law. However there is a strong need for workers protection in PEI.

 Sunday Shopping has sure been an issue for most Prince Edward Islanders, with the Tourism  pushing for stores to open all year around on Sundays.  You  can make your views know to the Tourism of PEI  . What amazes us is that these people never mention anything else being open on a Sunday.  Like Government and Municipal offices, what about if your car breaks down? Then what? Will the TIAPEI  care then?

Prince Edward Islanders are also encouraged to email Premier Pat Binns  . Regardless of all the pushing the big box stores are doing.

Prince Edward Island  . won't follow N.B. lead on Sunday shopping

We also would like to see stores in Prince Edward Island close completely on Sunday. There is no need of having stores open before Christmas no one else offers the consumer any extra time to shop. So why should Retail?

 If any Retail workers would like to help us out in our No to Sunday Shopping campaign please feel free to contact us.  If you are not a Retail worker and want to help please email us also.


                   Retail workers need to be protected

   Retail workers in Prince Edward Island are "NOT" being protected, there needs to be something done.  In Ontario ,retail workers are protected from working on Sundays and Holidays. They have a choice ,but not in Prince Edward Island there is no choice for the workers. So please email Premier Pat Binns to express your concerns, and Say No to Sunday shopping. We also invite you to visit our page for Retail workers

     Charlottetown chamber of Commerce debates issue on Sunday shopping 


Nova Scotia joins the ban wagon in protecting retail workers regarding working on Sundays. Prince Edward Island has no protection for it's retail workers. It's time they are given the choice , with out punishment. Sunday shopping in PEI begins six weeks prior to Christmas. Ask you're provincial government & municipal office if they plan on opening six weeks before Christmas, bets are you will not get a answer. Has society become  that selfish that we can not shop the other days in the week? We need to turn back to the caring society that we used to be.             SAY NO TO SUNDAY SHOPPING!

If you are interested in starting your own petition opposing Sunday shopping in Prince Edward Island , please contact us , we would be happy to help you get one started . We will also post it on this page. 

If you oppose Sunday shopping you are not alone , we have a mailing list ,chat room please feel free to join it's totally free. Share your concerns with us about the Sunday shopping issue. 

Join Save Our Sundays today together we can make a difference! 


  Against Sunday shopping? Why not buy a sos pin today to support the cause!  Click here for more information

                      Petition link opposing Sunday shopping

                                   Nova Scotia Petition


                                           NOVA SCOTIA 

                             Labour Standards Division
                   Right to Refuse Sunday Work  



                             The Right to Refuse to Work on Sundays 





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