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Comparing Sunday workers to those who do not work Sunday



Have people ever been getting the wrong picture in regards to the Sunday shopping issue. Retail workers are continually compared to others already working on Sunday , like for instance Lobster fishermen, Farmers, Service Stations, restaurants, small stores. One such debate is taking place on this web site by Randy Carter.

If you throw litter on the ground, run around in the nude , or drive on the wrong side of the road ,does it make it someone else's fault?  When people apply to work Sundays is it everyone's fault that works in retail? Should we all feel guilty because these people originally chose to work on Sundays?

What Mr.Carter and others do not mention when presenting this argument to the public is that -

1) These people that work on Sunday chose to work Sundays.

2) These people were hired to work Sundays.

3) Retail workers were not hired to work Sundays.

Not pointed out is the fact that others also enjoy their week-ends home most of them having Saturdays and Sundays off. This argument clearly is pointed towards retail only and not others that are off Sundays. Such as Government offices, Municipal offices, Registry of Motor Vehicles, Banks, and some newspapers are also closed.

Mr. Carter also points out that we will pay more taxes if Government offices has to open on Sundays. Won't it cost us more for retail stores to open? We fail to see why it would cost more for Government offices to open on Sunday and not retail?

Clearly our rights are being taken away from us. Being compared to people that chose to work Sundays is unfair. To be fair open retail everything should have to open.

                      Retail workers in Ontario can refuse to work Sundays 

                          Retail workers can now refuse to work on Sundays in Nova Scotia