Choice? What Choice? 


 Tourism is now pushing the choice issue, claiming shoppers should have a choice whether they want to shop or not and that the current law should be done away with. The problem with what they propose is our choice will be taken away. Despite the current laws and workers protection, retail workers in most companies will be forced to work on Sunday. If everyone were to refuse to work Sundays, who would work then? They are not going to hire a worker to work for four hours on a Sunday. Sure, people work Sundays, we already know this, but why should retail workers feel guilty? It's not that we have forced these people to work at hospitals, restaurants, corner stores, casinos.  What's interesting about other people working on Sunday , is that those comments are always pointed at us the retail sector. You never hear them say that same argument to a Bank worker, government worker, municipal worker,  or teachers.

Small business owners that currently open on Sundays will suffer a big loss in business if Sunday shopping is allowed. Sunday is the only day that most small business' make their money. Should we not as consumers look after small business', rather than help them out of business? That's what Sunday shopping will do..

Another argument by the tourism industry, is that big business should have the right to decide when they can open and when not to. First of all,  big business owners do not have to work on Sunday, it will be the staff that has to give up their day with their families. School runs from Monday to Friday. Most retail mothers and fathers work on Saturday , thus only leaving Sunday to spend with their children.  Secondly , our government already tells business owners what to do. They tell them they have to pay out a minimum wage, and vacation pay. Telling then when to close to give those less fortunate a day of rest would be no crime at all.  If we go with tourism's argument, we would have no laws and these big corporations would be able to do away with minimum wage etc. We have laws for a reason and this law currently is a valid one. I hope Nova Scotian's can see through this smoke screen of greed. Taking away the law takes away choice. If stores are to open on Sunday , then lets set a example and open our government offices on Sunday. Surely those MLA's that support Sunday shopping would not mind being in their office on a Sunday. If it's good for one then it should be good for everyone. Lets open our schools as well and show our kids that it's a seven day week, not a five day week. Singling out retail is out and out discrimination. We are asking Nova Scotia please say no to Sunday shopping Oct 16th. Lets be leaders not followers.   




                                                    Tony Lohnes 

                                                Save Our Sundays