Against Sunday shopping?

                        Left- Mark Parent MLA Kings North  - Right Tony Lohnes spokesperson Save Our Sundays




In Memory Peter Lee Hare  October 25,1959 - August 02, 2004 , Save Our Sundays, Right Lady









                                                                        Ann Shankle- Save Our Sundays




Cecil O'Donnell, MLA for Shelburne County






Katie Boudreau , Green Party








     David Boyd-- Save Our Sundays                                            




  Jamie Myra  Lunenburg Town Councilor






 Donna Hynick ----   Save Our Sundays






 Brain M Hanley------Blue Laws.Net CLICK HERE TO VISIT BRIANS SITE!!







Join our committee to fight Sunday shopping! Let's do something instead of nothing! Lets Show Canada that Nova Scotia is leading the way! SAY NO TO SUNDAY SHOPPING


If you have all been following the debate, Save Our Sundays has  been gaining alot of support through your'e emails and signing our on line petition with 795 signatures. I recently had the opportunity to meet Mark Parent MLA Kings North seen to the left of me. I'm one of the spokes people that speak out against Sunday shopping. Together we have teamed up, and are looking to forum a  provincial committee of people that are opposed to Sunday shopping.  So far we have been getting a good response. Remember if you do nothing ,the end result will be nothing.











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