While listening to the Rick Howe's Hotline talk show on 920 CJCH, I heard Linda Pannozzo speaking about a study that GPI has done on the effects of our work force. It's a detailed study ,In fact I support the study . She was speaking about the stress and related health problems that exist in our society today with for the most part a 24/7 society. In Reality this study is another reason not to support Sunday shopping. Think about ? Lets get real our families are suffering due to lost time with there love ones and we want to add more stress on them by allowing stores to open another day.  Not to mention costing the taxpayers more for health care. We are creating problems with our health care by allowing this society to go the route it is going. Not to mention gas prices, we all like to complain about the prices going up .No wonder prices have gone up all acoss the land cause we want the convenience and we will have to pay for it. GPI Atlantic study can be found on this web page - 
Some highlights of this study

7.2 Health Effects of Work Stress

"In the short term stress can be debilitating. In the long term, stress can kill."644

In the following section we shall examine some of the health effects of work stress in general,

and of work stress caused by long hours and overwork in particular. It is important to emphasize

that while we are not attributing all work stress to long hours, the literature clearly links long

hours and time pressure with stress, burnout, and a wide range of mental and physical illnesses.

Statistics Canada cites a large number of studies that have shown a relationship between work

stress and illness. Its own study concluded that "workers who experienced job strain, job

insecurity, physical demands or low support from their co-workers or supervisors reported

physical and emotional health problems."645

A number of behavioural changes have been associated with work stress. These include:

higher rates of smoking

alcohol abuse

drug abuse

accident proneness



appetite and eating disorders

deteriorating social relationships (family/friends)

low participation in community affairs

Psychological effects include:

family problems

sleep disturbances

sexual dysfunction




increased risk of suicide


Physiological effects associated with work stress include:

colds and other respiratory infections


heart disease



peptic ulcers

digestive tract disorders



  diabetes mellitus


  increased cholesterol levels

  increased blood pressure

  menstrual disorders

  thyroid disorders

  possible effects on pregnancy

skin diseases

  karoshi (death from overwork)646

That's why you should not be supporting Sunday shopping quote from the study "deteriorating social relationships (family/friends)".  Big business has spent millions of dollars to convenience you and I that we need stores open 24/7. Fact is that it's not necessary, the proof is now in front of us. Together we can all change the work force to make a better work place. Another study that we have come across  was quite interesting it showed us the decline in family life in the UK. If you want to make a difference please show your'e support by signing our on line petition . Want to help us forum a committee to stop Sunday shopping from happening? More information click here please. By the way if you are in Prince Edward Island or Nova Scotia you can listen to the hotline with Rick Howe 920 CJCH AM Monday through Friday 9:30am to 1:00pm. What ever the issue it can be brought up.