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     New Petition and using the Notwithstanding clause 

   Big Box stores complain about loop holes & my conversation with Andrew Krystal & Tom Young 95.7FM

Western Australia votes "NO" to week night and Sunday shopping  

                       Meaning of Life: Never on a Sunday

                    Thank you Alberta , Canada 

         High River Times - Nova Scotia opts out of Sunday shopping

            THANK YOU NOVA SCOTIA, Voters keep stores closed on Sundays more .....

             Choice? What Choice will it be If Sunday shopping were to pass?


  Beware unforeseen consequences of Sunday shopping- Readers view Daily News Sept 9 More...

  Banks in New Jersey open Sunday, Women fired because she did not want to work on Sunday

   Arguments in Favor of Sunday shopping don't hold water by PETER O'BRIEN

  Tighten Sunday shopping laws: retailer  Prince Edward Island

Mark Parent MLA Kings North ,Cecil O'Donnell, MLA for Shelburne County & Save Our Sundays to forum a provincial committee to fight Sunday shopping full details here! 

Market vendors resists Sunday shopping Saint John New Brunswick


Nova Scotia Tourism pushes for Sunday shopping this summer & email from Ernst Fage

  Croatian authorities prepare to introduce a comprehensive Sunday trade ban

                     NDP buys amended Sunday shopping bill

IF you have been following the Sunday shopping debate in Nova Scotia , you would realize that the Nova Scotia Tories promised us No Sunday shopping until 2005 . This same party we had to vote for when the election was held as the other parties support wide open Sunday shopping. September 26th was the day the Tories officially broke it's promise to Nova Scotians.   Tories nudge store doors open on Sundays  allowing stores to open six weeks prior to Christmas as a trail run and a plebiscite to follow in 2004. What bothers us is the fact that these votes only pertain to retail and nothing else. How can anyone call this a democracy? It's like all of us having a vote as to whether or not the premiers office should be open on Sunday., How about the bank? I'm sure these people would not like it and neither should we. The Tories have also giving us a plan on retail workers protection ,it's to early to tell whether or not that it's something worthy of supporting.   http://www.gov.ns.ca/just/sundayshopping.htm  


       Sunday shopping has started in our province and they are talking about it being a success, are they totally off there rockers? Of course it is busy as it is the Christmas rush ! Stores would be busy if stores were closed on Sunday. The media is not supporting the NO side they are supporting the YES side. 

                                 Voice your opinion here and Say No To Sunday shopping 

                      You be the Judge 

      Right to refuse Sunday Work Nova Scotia  

              Sunday shopping debate on Halifax Live 


Well there is a new kid on the block called the UNDECIDED PARTY      . As we read through the web site what impressed us so is their position on Sunday shopping .  Sounds like we have some of the same ideas. Too bad they are not running. We will point out that this is the only party on the web that has a page voicing it's opposition to Sunday shopping. 

 "What's the Undecided Party's position on Sunday shopping?"

 Nova Scotia will go to the polls for an election August 5 full details here . We feel it's important to express your views on Sunday shopping let the leaders know that you are opposed. You can email in to CBC  giving them your opinion on Sunday shopping and other important issues that you may have. Their is also a discussion form on Halifax Live that you can ask the leaders a question . 

                   Save Our Sundays on line petition is gaining momentum 

                 Comparing Sunday workers to workers who do not work on Sunday

                Hamm bends, allows Sunday shopping







With an election coming Premier John Hamm will allow Sunday openings six weeks before Christmas then a plebiscite to follow in 2004 to solve the issue. One thing we are sure of he has broken a promise to Nova Scotians. He has promised us No Sunday shopping until 2005. It's 2003. Though it remains he has broken a promise to us , our other parties support Sunday openings all year around  giving us no choice in the matter. The NDP once opposed to Sunday shopping now support it as does the Nova Scotia Liberals. When we asked all of the parties to open government offices on Sunday their was no reply. It's ok for retail to open on Sunday and nothing else. Talk about being dictated to, our NDP and the Liberals are leading the way. We can say alot about Hamms broken promise , but we can say that he will give Nova Scotians a choice a vote on the issue in 2004.  

Full story here and you can leave a comment and vote on Sunday shopping. Polls are pretty much divided, we wonder if the whole work force was included in this debate , it would not even be a issue. Just imagine having a vote on just one sector retail. We are not been  giving this opportunity to decide how others spend there Sundays. Why should we be dictated to?





                           Link to Halifax live poll 

            To Vote Sunday shopping Halifax Live

     Nova Scotians speak out letters to the editor



















































Question where are the people? Stores are open and these parking lots are not full by any means.. Consumers should be outraged that some people are pushing for another day of shopping. Is another day needed? Not according to many of the malls here in Nova Scotia. Either you get it or you do not, Sunday shopping is not needed. Picture of a local mall taken on a Wednesday afternoon Bridgewater area, plus Bayers Lake in Halifax, Nova Scotia on a Friday of all days..  Have a picture of a dead mall parking lot? Send it to us!  



                                             Sunday Shopping update April 23/ 2003 ! 

 What ever happened to  democracy? Here we" thought" our political leaders were actually listening to us. The NDP party that we thought would back the little guy up now supports Sunday shopping have a  look here  The progressive conservatives promised us No Sunday shopping until 2005. Now the premier also seems to be caving in to the big box stores.  Premier John Hamm claims now he will protect retail workers from having to work Sundays 

                          Retail staff can opt out of working on Sundays, Hamm says

If the premier can not offer us what retail workers have in Ontario  then he is taking away our choice and right to be home on Sunday. If a retail worker has his hours cut for refusing to work Sunday ,this spells one thing black mail and should not be tolerated . To the silent majority retail workers who are saying nothing , you are only  hurting yourself and helping the big corporations achieve their goals.  Question is do you think you are any less of a person than a government worker? Should you not have the same right to be home on Sunday as they do? Either you like it the way it is or fight for change. It's sad when democracy fails us , in this case it seems it has. Please email your party leaders links provided at the bottom of this page. 

You can also make a difference write a letter to the editor in our local papers. 

                                     Halifax  Herald                      Yarmouth Vanguard

                                            Daily News                          Bridgewater Bulletin 


Imagine the entire province deciding on how you spend your Sundays? Retail workers can not vote on how you spend yours. This is not a democracy ,but a dictatorship. Voice your concerns ,Say no to Sunday shopping.

   ombudsman's office in Nova Scotia has rejected a complaint aimed at the province's Sunday shopping law

    This only proves one thing the law is fair, you do not see any one complaining for government , municipal offices to be open?  A quote by Judith Cabrita   "There's just so many exceptions," said Judith Cabrita, executive director of the tourism association. "It's an uneven playing field." Unfair ?  If the tourism association wants a level playing field why not push for government offices, municipal offices to be open as well, other wise we are being discriminated against.  

If plebiscite is held the premier must ask the right question

Sunday Shopping has become a major debate since we started our web site "Save Our Sundays" in the April, 2000.  For many retail workers the thought of working on Sundays is a nightmare and many who do not work in that sector don't understand how they feel.

  Currently, many stores are now open six days and six nights a week which gives consumers plenty of time to get their shopping done.
Why do some people not have enough time to shop? Currently in Nova Scotia, banks, government and municipal offices, as well as most medical and dental offices are closed. Many other important service businesses like automotive garages are closed as well and many of these places are not open on Saturdays either. Thus it is that many retail workers feel that they are being treated unfairly.  
Premier John Hamm & Government is considering on having a plebiscite on Sunday shopping if his party is re-elected the next election.  We want the premier to see to it that if there is a plebiscite that the question is worded fairly and that the question people see on their ballots does not discriminate against the retail sector.
.Nova Scotia's should be asked a question that reflects the reality of the situation. Simplistic plebiscite questions like "Do you want Sunday shopping?" do not serve us well. We prefer a plebiscite question that asks Nova Scotia's want government offices and other businesses open on Sundays as well.


            The Nova Scotia Party a   new provincial political party also is getting into the act.  One of its' proposals is  that the Hamm Government should hold a referendum to decide the Sunday shopping issue. Today on Rick Howe's talk show the Hot Line Mr. Gerald Rogers claimed that he wants to be fair with the "small people" of this province. We certainly consider retail workers some of those people. Furthermore to single us out in a vote discrimination of our sector . We cannot go to any government office or municipal office, dentist ,bank, all these things we can not do on a Sunday. We challenge  all provincial leaders to hold a referendum " Would you like to have everything open or closed on Sundays? Otherwise it is  discrimination . Why can you people vote on what we do on Sunday ? Where is our say on those government services that are closed on Sunday. We suggest it is time for all Nova Scotian political parties and the electorate to re-think this issue in order to have a fairer playing field for all workers. 


              Places that do not have Sunday shopping. 








                Sunday shopping cut in Western Labrador



                           Save Our Sundays Petitions the Nova Scotia Liberals
                              Update March 6 ,2003


Danny Graham  of the Nova Scotia Liberal party has decided to emailed us ,after pressure from his own party to answer us. From what we gather others out there are receiving this same email from him .


Thank you for your correspondence on the issue of Sunday Shopping. I certainly appreciate your interest in, and concern about, the issue. I apologize for the delay in responding to your concerns.

Currently, ours is the only jurisdiction in North America not to have some form of Sunday shopping.

Essentially, we see Sunday Shopping as a matter of choice for retailers and for consumers. While it is important for Government policies to support traditional values, we must also ensure that we reflect the current values of Nova Scotians.

We also recognize that, while most Nova Scotians agree with our position, they are still divided on the issue, largely out of concern for workers.

In our proposal, employers would be required to give existing workers the choice not to work on Sunday. Our proposal would restrict the hours of opening, starting at noon on Sunday, and we would protect workers against having to work seven consecutive days. Further, there would be no requirement to work if it is contrary to the employee's religious beliefs.

These modifications will not allay the concerns of everyone, but they do represent a balance between our unique values and traditions and our need to build a more modern and dynamic Nova Scotia that is an integral part of Canada and the world.

Thanks you again for sharing your views on this issue.

Yours Truly,
Danny Graham, Leader

Mr. Graham points out that we are the only province not to have Sunday shopping. If 50 people jump over a bridge does this mean we have to follow? We are unique here in this province. People from all over come to our province because we are so laid back. People enjoy having one day a week where it is quite. Danny Graham wants to take this away from us.

  Danny Graham speaks to us like we are going to be protected . He wants to send a message to the public that he is looking out for everyone. This is not the case here. Nothing was mentioned in his letter to us about the workers that will lose hours for refusing to work on Sunday. It's hardly a step forward but a step backwards. In the province of Ontario Retail workers have the best protection that is currently offered . They can refuse to work on Sunday or any public holiday.


   Mr. Graham has no problem with retail workers having to work on Sunday but has been conspicuously silent on proposals to make government offices open on Sundays as well. We consider it unfair that retail workers are being singled out like this. Danny Graham is not suitable to be leader of the Liberal Party ,he is not looking out our concerns. .                 





                 Sunday Laws are coming according to Sundaylaw.net     
                                 Another site claims Sunday Laws are coming click here 





                           Retail workers New Brunswick

     Danny Graham and  those others who propose changing current Sunday shopping laws claim that workers will be protected but this has not been the case in New Brunswick and other provinces that have abandoned Sunday shopping laws.

 One such email written by Steve Ramsay of Moncton  

          " I have heard SO MANY excuses/reasons why Sunday shopping is needed. BALONEY! I was working retail a short time ago and that was one of the main reasons why I left a great place. All the arguments in favor of Sunday openings can be SO EASILY DEBUNKED. I have worked all three shifts a day can be divided into and I have NEVER been able to do those things I needed to do or wanted to do. Do I shop on Sundays? NEVER! And yes, I sympathize for those who are coerced/pushed/threatened into working this day for the wages that we know DO NOT justify working same. "

  According to Tom Thompson people are being forced to work Sundays full story here   

 Two other cases sent to us by Ms. Tracey Allen of Charlottetown relate that Staff at the Makro...

Real cases cited from the workers perspective (in case you think that people will have a choice to work on Sunday or not) - "NORTH ACTION: Staff at the Makro cash and carry store intend to take the firm to an industrial tribunal after most of its 82 full-time employees were made redundant. They have been told they can apply for new posts--but on a new contract which will make Sunday working compulsory."

"SWANSEA: A woman working for a big departmental store wrote about the enormous pressure exerted on her to work on a Sunday not only by her employer but by colleagues, ...She approached a supervisor pointing out that legally she could not be forced to work on a Sunday to be told that it was in her interests to 'be part of the team...no one else was complaining." 

 ( Do not believe the baseless claims ) of those who claim that all worker's rights will be protected under this new legislation. It has not been proven to protect workers elsewhere and managers and store owners have shown subtle but effective  ways of intimidating and pressuring workers to work on Sundays.
 The argument made that protections will be written into the law preventing workers from being forced to work Sundays is the most common argument given but is full of holes and does not stand up wiell to scrutiny, especially from those workers who will be affected the most by it. More than a few managers will be under pressure from owners not to have to train more staff to just work Sundays and if enough workers cannot be fond who do not want to work on what used to be their one day off for rest and family, managers will be under pressure to coerce workers into working on Sundays.

Retail workers who did agree to, or were not hired to work on Sunday will resent being  pressured into working on what has been their traditional day off .  The onus should not be on the individual worker to have to fight for her/his rights  against managers and companies and rely on understaffed, overworked bureacracies to protect their rights. A common sense solution is to set aside a single day of rest for all large sector retail workers.

So if you are opposed to Sunday shopping, it is up to you to defend your rights  We urge you to  please email, phone or fax our three current party leaders to (and) express your opposition to Sunday shopping. Click on the hyperlinks listed below to have your voices heard

   Premier John Hamm   

   Francis  MacKenzie 

    Darrell Dexter 

    Gerald Rodgers   



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